1. Tuning problems can be somewhat mysterious and can be caused by different issues. There will be no magic fix and it will probably take time and practice just like everything else.
    Some things to try:
  2. The stop/go sign works on inner listening. (When the sign says “go” they sing aloud. When it says, “stop” they sign silently, continuing to keep the steady beat.)
  3. Slow the song down, have them watch you and hold a note of your choice. Point to your ear to indicate listening.
  4. Mix them up in different ways; ask them to listen to the people beside them.
  5. Work on purifying the Ay, Ee, Ah, Oh, Oo vowels. I haven’t figured out exactly why, but it improves the tone so much.
  6. Have the whole class stand in a circle, hold and stagger breathe on the D an octave above middle C while you walk around listening to each one. That note gets them in their head voice and can be sung on a nice, light tone.
  7. Make sure they are not over signing. We teachers feel so good when they sing out but when they push the tone, it distorts.
  8. Have them cup a hand by their ear…this will help some students hear themselves better.