• Level Two Music Education Resource Book
• 24 Lesson Plans Based on the Kodály Method
• Bible-centered for Christian Families and Schools

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The kit includes all the following items:
With Glad Voices Teacher’s Resource Book (Ring Bound)
Set of Eight Curwen Hand Signs (9˝x 6˝)
Set of Ten Glissando Posters (12˝x 18˝)
Four Music Direction Hand Signs
Set of Thirty Heavy Cardstock Red Hearts (Magnetic)
Song Poster (17˝x 22˝)
Set of Twelve Song Cards (8.5˝x 8.5˝)
Mapping Paper
Four Mapping Markers
Two Form Books
Tone Ladder
I Sing the Mighty Power of God CD

Level Two Music Resource Book is written toward a Second grade level, but will be enjoyed up to the older levels if the students have had little prior study in the rudiments of music.

The music concepts included are a necessary foundation for a music student of any age, and the activities can be changed by creative teachers to suit the age level in their multi-grade classrooms. There is a 40 Song Collection in the back of the book which allows the teacher to adapt song choices in the lesson to the age level as well. The lesson plans are detailed enough for an uncertain music teacher to be able to teach with confidence and gladness.

There are 24 lessons. Each lesson contains melodic and rhythmic activities, along with learning independence in singing, disciplined listening, and inner hearing. Also included in the book are teaching ideas, reproducible worksheets, Rhythm Syllables Chart, musical games, Gathering songs, Name Songs and Exploration songs. Many of the materials suggested in the lessons are available here with the Resource
Book. If you need anything else, we are glad to check into ordering it for you.

Major Concepts in Level Two:
• to sing, inner hear, and create with pentatonic scale: Do, Re, Mi, Sol, La
• to notate with Do, Re, Mi, Sol, La
• to keep a steady beat while inner hearing, while singing, and while others sing.
• Mapping for early notation.
• to assign the rhythm syllables Ta, Ta-di, Ta-ki-da and Rest to the beat, half-beat, and silent beat in compound meter.
• to notate rhythm patterns of four beats using quarter note, eighth note, Triplets and rest.
• plotting L-S-M and D-R-M on the staff in C, F, or G
• to move with the phrases of a song
• to express the form of a song and its mood.
• to learn that lines and spaces indicate pitch, with line notes and space notes, through movement, handstaff, and visualization.
• pentatonic tone ladders… and more!

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