1.Do they have the prior knowledge they need for the concepts I want to teach? (No more than one or two news songs per lesson.)
2.Do my objectives prepare them for the practical skills they’ll need to sight read a new song in church?
3.Did I alternate periods of concentration and relaxation during the lesson?
4.Am I relating solfege to staff periodically?
5.Did I choose age-appropriate games? Are there some students not being picked by other students? If so, why? Depending on the reason, I may be able to favor these!
6.Did I choose a game that goes with a concept I taught to reward their hard work and so they can sing during the game?
7.Does my material list match my procedure and my procedure match the material list?
8.Have I ensured for their success by preparing them adequately, especially for solos?
9.Am I waiting for a majority of children to raise hand before calling on someone? (If more than a few S do not understand, you have not taught the concept adequately. Do not move to more advanced concepts until 80% are successful or they will perceive music as hard or confusing.)