Objectives: Given do, S will place mi, re on staff.
S will distinguish between and clap beat and rhythm.
S will sing loud and soft and see musical symbols for each, f and p.
Alleviate problem of S scrambling to sit beside teacher.

Materials: Key
Staff on board, chalk
Bean bag for “hoecake”
Slips of paper and pen

1.Enter: “Snake Baked a Hoecake.” pg. 25 My Little Rooster. Keep steady beat in pattern of 2.
2.Ask C questions, “Who baked a hoecake?” “Who watched it?” “What did the frog do?” “Who stole it?” “What name did they call the lizard?”
3.Act out the story, three characters for each time through.
4.S raise hand if they want a turn to sit beside the teacher. Write on slips of paper. Draw two names for first two S.
5.T sing, “I Have Lost the Closet Key”and show key.
6.S clap steady beat. S clap rhythm. Ask S what rhythm is (the way the words go).
7.Staff on board: T draw do. S draw mi, S draw re. T draw do in different location. S draw mi, S draw re.
8.T write f and p on board, explaining they mean loud and soft.
9.Game: Guesser goes outside room. Hider places key anyplace that nothing has to be moved to find it. Guesser comes in and class sings, louder as guesser gets closer to hidden key and quieter as guesser gets further from hidden key.
10.Goodbyes: T: “Goodbye, Isaac.” Isaac: “Goodbye, Teacher.” S lines up after echoing goodbye to T.