Objectives: The students will sing So, Mi from staff.
The students will sing and sign la.

Materials: pocket with love notes inside
Staff on board with chalk
Solfege flashcards

1.Enter: A Tisket, A Tasket. How many times does song say “dropped.”
2.Game: Lucy Locket. C stands in circle and T chooses S to be “Lucy Locket.” S walks around the outside of the circle, carrying an empty change purse while C sings song with eyes closed. Sometime during the song, S drops the “pocket” behind the S who then becomes “Kitty Fisher.” When the song ends, C opens their eyes and looks behind them to see who is “Kitty Fisher.” The S closest to the lost pocket can become the next “Lucy Locket” or can pick the next Lucy Locket. May substitute the S’s name in place of “Lucy.” Ask S to drop it behind someone who has not had a turn. After many verses, T ask C to raise hand if they have not had a turn to help S remember.
3.Sing with solfege on body.
4.Review handsigns for so and mi. Present la. Sing song with hand signs and solfege.
5.T sign to S for them to copy and sing. S leaders.
6.C gather around chalkboard. T draw So. C draw mi and la, in 4 different positions.
7.Flashcards: rhythm with no solfege, then rhythm with solfege, then solfege on staff.
8.C solos on flashcards to line up.