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Lesson 17, Grades 1-2

Objectives: The students will sing So, Mi, La from staff.
The students will sing and sign Do and Re.
The students will place notes on staff.

Materials: ring
floor staff and animals to fit

1.Biddy Biddy Holdfast. Sing with beat, rhythm, them solfege.
2.Game: One G along with one ring passer in the center of circle. Ring passer puts ring into cupped hand of the people in the circle to the beat. G gets 3 tries to determine who in the circle has the ring. If correct, G becomes passer. If wrong, the passer becomes the G and the person in the circle with the ring becomes the passer. (To give more S a turn, G and passer can both choose a S to replace them.)
3.Review hand signs for la/so/mi. Introduce hand sign for do. Sing with Peas Porridge Hot and Jesus Loves Me with hand signs.
4.Floor staff – place animal on staff and C say line or space then number (line 4, space 1).
5.Put up so and mi, place do.
6.S solos singing the animal T points to: So, Mi, Do with hand signs.

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Lesson 16, Grades 3-6

Objectives: The students will read and speak toe, two, three, ta, titi, rest, tripelet, tikatika.

Materials: Church hymnal for every student
Chalkboard to write and review known rhythms.

1.Long-legged sailor with student verses.
2.Hand sign with solfa.
3.C find songs in key of C. If appropriate, read rhythm. On difficult songs that some C cannot read, they can just track.
4.T sign note from major scale for S to copy back with hand signs. S leaders.

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Lesson 16, Grades 1-2

Objectives: The students will sing So, Mi from staff.
The students will sing and sign la.

Materials: pocket with love notes inside
Staff on board with chalk
Solfege flashcards

1.Enter: A Tisket, A Tasket. How many times does song say “dropped.”
2.Game: Lucy Locket. C stands in circle and T chooses S to be “Lucy Locket.” S walks around the outside of the circle, carrying an empty change purse while C sings song with eyes closed. Sometime during the song, S drops the “pocket” behind the S who then becomes “Kitty Fisher.” When the song ends, C opens their eyes and looks behind them to see who is “Kitty Fisher.” The S closest to the lost pocket can become the next “Lucy Locket” or can pick the next Lucy Locket. May substitute the S’s name in place of “Lucy.” Ask S to drop it behind someone who has not had a turn. After many verses, T ask C to raise hand if they have not had a turn to help S remember.
3.Sing with solfege on body.
4.Review handsigns for so and mi. Present la. Sing song with hand signs and solfege.
5.T sign to S for them to copy and sing. S leaders.
6.C gather around chalkboard. T draw So. C draw mi and la, in 4 different positions.
7.Flashcards: rhythm with no solfege, then rhythm with solfege, then solfege on staff.
8.C solos on flashcards to line up.

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Lesson 15, Grades 3-6

Objectives: The students will read and speak toe, two, three, ta, titi, rest, tripelet, tikatika.

Materials: flashcards

1.King of the Mountain. S sit on floor in circle. Each student has unique flashcard with 4-beat rhythm. Designate a “king” to read his rhythm, then someone else’s while everyone keeps a steady beat on their legs. If a student reads incorrectly or doesn’t read in beat, she goes to the “bottom” of the mountain, to the right of the king and everyone behind that person moves up. Flashcards stay in the same spot; only people move.

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Lesson 15, Grades 1-2

Objectives: The students will sing and sign so/mi.
The students will keep a steady beat through rests.

Materials: Book of nursery songs

1.Enter: All Around the Buttercup. C count rests. C keep rhythm.
2.C sing with solfege on body, then singing solfege names.
3.Game: L walks outside of circle and taps beat on shoulders of circle. Person in circle tapped on the word “me” chases the tapper around circle and back to original spot. Pupils in circle close their eyes. This prevents them from prematurely figuring out who “me” is!
4.Teach sign language for so and mi. S sing with T signs.
5.Gather round to sing from book. Do motions for “The Farmer in the Dell” and “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush.”

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